What Are Packs?

From Basic to Mega to Ultra, here’s everything you need to know


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So, your player has earned a bunch of Moola. Maybe they’re even a Moolionaire 😉

The question is, what can they spend their Moola on? Enter Packs.

Packs are bundles of items (backgrounds, films, frames, and stickers) that players can use to deck out their cards. Players can purchase Packs with their hard-earned Moola and open them to reveal items that become part of their collection. They can also save Packs to open later.

How to Buy a Pack

To purchase a Pack, first you’ll need to have created a Player Card.

Enter the Card Editor by tapping into the Player Profile module on the HOME tab.

There, at the bottom, you'll see an icon for "Store".

Once you tap into the Store, you’ll see several Pack purchase options, as well as the amount of Moola currently in your bank

Tap a Pack you have enough Moola to purchase.

Cue the reveal — see which items your player unlocked for their Player Card!

Not all Packs are created equal

As of now, there are 3 different Packs available in the Store — Basic, Mega, and Ultra — each with different numbers of items inside. As you can probably tell by the names, Mega Packs contain more items than Basic ones, and Ultra Packs contain more. That means that they also cost more Moola — but we promise, it’s worth saving up.

Mega and Ultra Packs don’t just have more items. They also offer a higher likelihood of unlocking rarer items. If you tap on each Pack, you can see the chances of unlocking items of different rarities.

The best way to unlock rarer items? Save up your Moola for that Ultra Pack.


The world's coolest collectible, on MOJO

The items you unlock in Packs can be applied to your player’s card in thousands of different ways and combinations.

Share your Player Cards with us by emailing them to highfive@mojo.sport and get the chance to have them featured in the app and on social!

Questions? Feedback? Need help? Email us anytime at support@mojo.sport.

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