10 Best Basketball Drills for 14-Year-Olds

Fun, age-appropriate drills for budding ballers


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When you have a group of 14-year-olds on the court, it might actually look like a real basketball! These 10 great drills help youth players hone and perfect those core skills while they also learn to communicate and work together as a team on both offense and defense. 

The Weave
Passing, communication, and coordination all braid together in this classic youth basketball drill. 

Champions & Challengers
This activity helps basketball players learn to defend as a team by rewarding effective stops. 

Perfect Possession
Does practice really make perfect? In this practice drill, the defense tries to run out the clock without letting the offense score.

Criss Cross
X marks the spot! Work on communication and defending as a team in this fast-paced scrimmage.  

Circle Passing
Circle up! Players pass the ball around the court and into the basket in this fast-paced team activity. 

Dean Smith
Great passes lead to great shot in this small-sided game named after Michael Jordan’s college basketball coach.

On the Board
In this game, offense and defense compete to grab the rebound.

Rebound Relay
Hope you like house chores, because we’re cleaning the glass. How fast can your players grab a rebound?

Buzzer Beater
It’s all come down to this. Basketball teams develop decision-making skills in this activity simulating in-game scenarios. 

Full-Court Shooting
This advanced passing and shooting drill is a more dynamic version of The Weave for larger groups.  

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