10 Best Basketball Drills for Kids

High energy fun for young basketball players


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In the very best basketball drills, young players are so busy playing they almost forget that they’re learning!  These 10 fun, age-appropriate drills help beginners get a taste of what’s so fun about the game of basketball. 

The Floor Is Lava
A fiery favorite gets a basketball spin in this activity that combines cooperative play with learning passing fundamentals.

Watch your tail! This dribbling activity teaches players to keep their heads up and explode out of dangerous situations.

Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
Do you have what it takes to transform into a butterfly? This great team-building activity improves communication and collaboration skills. 

Gates Dribbling
Open sesame! This dribbling activity helps with speed dribbling and turning direction with the ball.

Red Light, Green Light
Build players’ muscle memory by pairing quick stops and explosive speed in this schoolyard favorite.

Spelling Bee
This activity is F-U-N! Players work on proper shooting technique with a focus on teamwork.

Sleeping Giant
Shhh, don’t wake the giant! Players practice changing dribbling speed in this fun sneaky activity. 

Tunnel Ball
The race is on! Players practice shooting and coordination in a game that emphasizes teamwork.

Hit the Cone
No hoop? No problem! Play basketball anywhere in this hoopless version of the sport. 

Geography lesson, meet basketball practice. This activity helps players develop coordination and agility.

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