10 Best Flag Football Plays for 10-Year-Olds

For teams that are ready for a next-level offense


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It’s getting fun out there! By age 10, kids who have played a season or two in a flag football league are ready for some deep routes and misdirection. Master these 10 youth flag football plays from the NFL FLAG Playbook to change the trajectory of your season.

Double Back Play 2
Surprise the defense with three deep routes in this play.

Bunch Play 3
Launch a concentrated offensive attack with this play.

Spread Play 2
In this play, challenge the defense vertically with short, intermediate and deep options.

The Double Reverse
Misdirect the defense to buy your offense time and space. 

Fake Double Reverse
Master the art of illusion with a twist on a misdirection classic.

Fake Triple Reverse
Confuse the defense with 3 times the misdirection.

Double Back Play 3
Surprise the defense with three new routes in this play.

I-Formation Play 1
Defenders won’t know whether to go man or zone when you run this play.

Trips Play 2
In this play, you overwhelm the defense with options.

Twins Stack Play 1
Double down on twins and stack formations with this play. 

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