10 Best Flag Football Plays for 8-Year-Olds

It’s starting to look a lot like flag football out there!


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By age 8, it’s much easier for flag football players to remember what goes into a solid offensive play. Most offensive players who have played the game before are familiar with the core routes from the route tree. They probably know where to stand on the line of scrimmage. They know which side of the field they need to cover. And — with luck and practice — they know exactly where to be when the QB throws the ball.

Run correctly, the following 10 youth flag football plays from the NFL FLAG Playbook are both fun and effective.

Move the defense one way while sending the ball in the other.

Bunch Play 2
In this play, give your quarterback targets all over the field with a burst of receivers.

The Reverse
Run the ball wide to get around a narrow defense.

Double Back Play 1
If you need some short yardage in a hurry, this is the play for you. 

Bunch Play 1
In this play, you draw defenders in close and take advantage of all the space behind them.

HB Dive
A simple handoff is all you need to add a new dimension to your attack. 

Single Back Play 1
Give your quarterback 3 short options with this quick-hitting play.

I-Formation Play 2
Defenders won’t know where to line up or who to cover when you run this play.

Single Back Play 2
When you need to gain yards quickly, take a deep shot down the field with this play.

Twins Play 1
Misdirect the defense in this play.

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