10 Best Soccer Drills for Kids

Kid-tested, coach-approved youth soccer drills


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The recipe for a really fun soccer drill is pretty simple — put players on a field, give them a ball, spark their imagination and let them learn by doing. The best drills and games for soccer practice manage to develop basic soccer skills while players are busy playing, laughing and having fun.

And that’s exactly what you get in these 10 popular soccer drills from the MOJO app.

Soccer coaches can get in on the fun, too. In games like Space Wars, for instance, which is great for young players, the coach plays the villain, and flops dramatically when the kids kick the ball and hit their target. Meanwhile, young players are also learning to dribble and make short effective passes. 

Then there’s the classic Rondo, which is a go-to for older or more experienced teams. This FC Barcelona-inspired take on keep away develops quick controlled touches, as well as teamwork — and it’s both fun and effective because it mimics what happens in the actual game.

Other popular MOJO drills below work on dribbling the ball, shooting, poke tackling, attacking and defending, as well as team-based skills like communication.

Space Wars 
In a galaxy far, far away, players hone their dribbling and shooting skills on a moving target. (Spoiler: It’s you!)

Duck Tails
Watch your tail! This dribbling activity teaches players to keep their heads up and explode out of dangerous situations.

Players learn how to protect the ball and poke tackle their opponents’ balls in an epic game of knockout.

Half-Court Soccer 
This small-sided game inspired by basketball helps players develop their team attacking and defending skills while squeezing the game into half the space. 

Red Light, Green Light 
Unleash your inner Lightning McQueen! Build players’ muscle memory in this dribbling activity by juxtaposing quick stops with explosive speed.

Let’ssss teach playerssss to communicate and move as a team, while developing their ball control skills, agility and coordination.

Triangle Goal Game
Twinning means winning. Help hone passing accuracy, communication skills and moving without the ball.

Rondo 5 v. 2
This activity has everything—the rondo helps players improve their passing, dribbling and shielding skills, while also teaching them to support each other in both possession and recovery situations.

Gates Dribbling
This game helps players develop ball mastery, promoting skills like dribbling and turning the ball.

Gates Passing
Send it on through! This activity helps players develop passing and receiving skills and improve their teamwork and communication.

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