10 Best U12 Soccer Drills

With so many high-energy games to choose from, U12 players have all the fun


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By this age, kids who have been playing youth soccer for a few seasons have developed basic soccer skills like dribbling and passing and can take the next step. And a great way for a soccer coach to help develop next-level skills is through activities that mimic the actual game.

Passing drills and dribbling drills are still important at this age, because young players are always honing those skills. But in any given session, soccer coaches can lean more heavily into small-sided games and activities that blend the various skills that kids need to use on the soccer field — and help individual players think more like one team.

These 10 fun soccer drills — perfect for kids under 12 — are a great place to start.

Rondo 5 v 2
This activity helps players improve their passing, dribbling and shielding while also teaching them to support each other in both attacking and defending situations.

This small-sided game helps young players work on accuracy when shooting.

2 v 2 to Cross Goals
Glory. Heart. Excitement. This activity forces defenders never to give up and attackers to go for the goal!

4 v 4 to Small Goals (Attacking)
Players work on team attacking, passing and shooting skills while scrimmaging 4 v 4.

4 v 4 to Small Goals (Defending)
Players work on group and individual defending skills in this 4 v 4 scrimmage with small goals.

Half-Court Soccer
This small-sided game helps players develop their attacking and defending skills while squeezing the game into half the space. 

Hot Box
This small-sided game helps players solve problems and switch the point of attack when faced with an obstacle.

This small-sided game emphasizes defending and counter-attacking by awarding points according to where on the field a team wins the soccer ball. 

Shrinking Field
This small-sided game becomes progressively more challenging for the attacking team. 

This small-sided game emphasizes passing by awarding points according to how many time a team can pass the ball before they score. 


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