10 Best Soccer Drills to Improve Footwork

Fast, fearless footwork takes practice


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Footwork is everything when it comes to soccer. Whether young players are just learning to dribble or effectively moving the ball around defenders and down the field into the goal, it all begins, and ends, with the feet.

These 10 soccer drills help improve footwork in the context of a fun activity or game. 

Rondo 5v2
This activity helps players improve their passing, dribbling and shielding while also teaching them to support each other in both attacking and defending situations.

Players learn how to protect the ball and poke tackle their opponents’ balls in an epic game of knockout.

Behold, the almighty shield. This activity develops players’ shielding and ball control skills.

4v2 Keep Away
Shielding, passing and dribbling are developed while players learn how to support each other.

1v1 to Endlines
Get ready for a showdown. This activity helps players develop individual attacking and defending skills.

2v2 to Endlines
Focus on the forward attack. Players work on dribbling, passing and ball control to score in this activity.

Team Shield-Steal
Stronger together! This game helps players develop shielding and ball possession skills.

3v3+1 Keep Away
Enhance dribbling, passing and teamwork to this classic keep-away activity by adding an all-time offense player.

5 Goal Game
Two teams compete trying to score in either direction through five small goals.

Gates Passing
Send it on through! This activity helps players develop passing and receiving skills and improve their teamwork and communication.

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