10 Best Soccer Shooting Drills for Kids

What kid doesn’t love to shoot—and score?!


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Of all the soccer fundamentals, shooting is sure-fire fun for young players. But developing solid shooting technique takes time and — you guessed it — practice. One great way to get in the reps is to incorporate fun soccer shooting drills into every practice. 

Here are 10 soccer shooting drills that kids of all ages love.

This small-sided game helps players work on accuracy when shooting.

1v1 to Small Goals
Gooooal! This game helps players develop individual attacking and defending skills.

2v1 to Goal
Teamwork makes the dream work. This activity teaches players to work with a teammate to get around a defender.

3v2 to Goal
There’s strength in numbers. Teach players how to use an extra attacker to get around defenders and score.

Space Wars
In a galaxy far, far away, beginning players hone their dribbling and shooting skills on a moving target. (Spoiler: It’s you!) 

2v2 to Small Goals: Attacking
Ready. Set. Attack! Set up small goals and help them develop good offensive attack strategies.

More to Score
This small-sided game encourages teamwork by rewarding the team with more players who score.  

4v4 to 4 Goals: Attacking
Players work on team attacking, passing and shooting skills while scrimmaging 4v4.

Goals Out
This small-sided game helps players work on spreading out when attacking as a team.

Mosquito attack at Camp MOJO! Beginners dribblers get a taste offense, and learn to strike (a.k.a. sting)!


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