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The qualities of a go-to soccer drill are pretty simple — kids should be learning technical skills and basics, and they should be having fun while doing it. Easy, right?

Fun, of course, looks different at age 5 and at age 12 — at that’s the point. You need a wide variety of drills in your training session to fit the young players you have each season, as well as the skills you want to hone, whether that’s teaching beginners to dribble the ball or working on decision-making skills during small-sided games with older players.

These 10 fun soccer drills are at the top of the list for coaches who use the MOJO app.

Flying Numbers
This fun activity for players 8 and up alternates between 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 opportunities.

In this go-to for younger players, traffic cops go after lost racecars and try to give them speeding tickets by hitting their ball.

Free Dribbling
The legends have go-to moves, now it’s the kids’ turn. Push players of all ages to be creative and hone their ball handling skills.

2v1 to Goal
Teamwork makes the dream work. This all ages activity teaches players to work with a teammate to get around a defender.

Gates Dribbling
Open sesame! This fantastic beginner dribbling activity helps with speed dribbling and turning direction with the ball.

Gates Passing
Send it on through! This activity helps players of all ages develop passing and receiving skills and improve their teamwork and communication.

Bello! For the 10 and under set, it’s time to work on developing players’ shooting and dribbling skills—all while going bananas.

Triangle Goal Game
Twinning means winning. Help players of all ages hone passing accuracy, communication skills and moving when they don’t have a ball.

Wreck-It Ralph
Little kids love when it’s good to be bad. In this game, players learn to avoid an attacker and practice dribbling and scoring.

1v1 To Endlines
Get ready for a showdown. This activity helps players of all ages develop individual attacking and defending skills.

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