10 Best Soccer Passing Drills for U8, U10 and U12

Great soccer teams are built on great passing


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To pass effectively, young soccer players need to know how to receive the ball, control it and how to use different parts of the foot to move the ball in different ways. Passing is at the heart of possession, and effective passing and ball control can set any team up for success.

The following 10 soccer passing drills help soccer players develop, both as individual players and as a team. 

Gates Passing
Send it on through! This activity helps players develop passing and receiving skills and improve their teamwork and communication.

Numbers Passing
Warm-up like the pros do! This teaches players how to give support quickly while passing from ever-changing positions.

This small-sided game emphasizes passing by awarding points according to how many passes a team makes before they score. 

Triangle Goal Game
Twinning means winning. Help hone passing accuracy, communication skills and moving when they don’t have a ball.

3 vs. 2 to Goal
There’s strength in numbers. Teach players how to use an extra attacker to get around defenders and score.

Rondo 5 v 2
This activity helps players improve their passing, dribbling and shielding while also teaching them to support each other in both attacking and defending situations.

5 Goal Game
Two teams compete trying to score in either direction through five small goals.

Hot Box
This small-sided game helps players solve problems and switch the point of attack when faced with an obstacle.

2 v 2 v 2 Keep-Away
Teaches teams the best way to keep possession for as long as possible. Can also help develop defensive skills.

3 v 3 + 1 Keep-Away
Enhance dribbling, passing and teamwork to this classic keep-away activity by adding an all-time offense player.


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