10 Best U8 Flag Football Drills

Help kids master the fundamentals of flag football (while having a blast)


| 12 min watch

Most U8 players are still learning the fundamentals of flag football, and basic running drills, catching drills, receiving drills, as well as practice pulling the flags and throwing the ball, will always be necessary and useful. But there’s a lot more that goes into a truly great flag football practice. Namely — fun.

Here are 10 fun, high-energy youth flag football drills that will help kids develop into well-rounded players

The Anchor
Players practice evading the defender is this fun 1-on-1 activity.

Obstacle Course Relay
Practice agility, accuracy and teamwork in this dynamic relay race. 

Robin Hood
Bullseye! Players work on their throwing technique and target practice in this group activity that also refines their accuracy.

An age-old game gets a twist in this activity that promotes field awareness and decision-making.

Bull Rush
Players use bursts of speed to avoid defenders in this fun twist on Red Rover.

Cone Relay
It’s hip to be square! Players work their footwork and agility in this fun running activity.

Tennis Ball Drop
Improve quickness and reaction time with this activity that will have the team diving all over the field!

Freeze Tag
This is a fun variation of tag: Don’t get caught, but if you do… catch the ball!

Open Wheel Shuffle
Get ready to shuffle! Players develop their interception skills, speed and agility in this fun game.

The Handoff
Help players develop chemistry with this activity that helps them refine the most basic movement of any successful running play.


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