9 Fun Flag-Pulling Drills for Kids

Help flag football players learn the fine art of flag pulling


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Flag pulling is at the heart of flag football. If you can’t pull a flag, you can’t stop a play — and if you can’t stop a play, you’re not going to win a game.

But flag pulling can also be a tricky skill for players who are new to the game — which is why coaches should focus on technique early on. Good technique is about a lot more than just grabbing a flag. It’s about teaching players to watch a player’s waist, aim for the top of the flag belt and use proper footwork every time they attempt to pull the flags — then, doing it over and over again until it’s second nature.

These 9 fun, youth flag football drills work for kids of all ages.

The Tollbooth
Players try to avoid having their flags pulled and paying the toll in this fast-paced defensive activity.

The Gauntlet
Players learn the need for speed in this high-energy running and flag pulling game.

Flag Attack
Grab as many flags as you can in this fast-paced evasive running game. 

The Anchor
Players practice evading the defender is this fun 1-on-1 activity.

Cross the River
Row, row, row your boat. Defenders practice flag pulling in this evasive running activity. 

Mascot Tag
Players go wild for this fast-paced tag game that develops agility and flag pulling skills. 

Level Tackles
Defensive players double up to stop the runner in this flag pulling activity. 

Rush Hour
The pressure is on in this defensive game that turns runners into rushers.

Defensive Duos
It takes two to flag pull in this activity that teaches defenders the importance of working together.


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