10 Best Flag Football Drills for Kids

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Most young players are still learning the fundamentals of flag football. That means that basic running drills, catching drills, receiving drills, as well as practicing pulling flags and throwing the ball, will always be necessary and useful. But that’s not all you need. For a truly great flag football practice, you need one additional element: fun.

Here are 10 fun, high-energy youth flag football drills that will help kids develop into well-rounded players.

The Gauntlet
In this game, players take on a progressively more challenging defense.

Obstacle Course Relay
Practice agility, accuracy and teamwork in this dynamic relay race. 

The Floor Is Lava
A fiery favorite gets a basketball spin in this activity that combines cooperative play with learning passing fundamentals.

The Anchor
Players practice evading the defender is this fun 1-on-1 activity.

Captain’s Coming
Ahoy, mateys! This pirate-themed game helps players develop their running, cutting and listening skills.

What Time Is It, Big Bad Wolf?
Time to be the Wolf of Ball Street in this fun group activity where players work on evasive running skills.

Handoff Relay
Players work on handoffs and making a big window in this relay.

Mascot Tag
Players go wild for this fast-paced tag game that develops agility and flag pulling skills. 

Spider Web
This beginner game is perfect for itsy bitsy players working on basic throwing and catching skills. 

Tick Tock
Think fast! Players work on passing under pressure in this game.

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