10 Fun Flag Football Passing Drills

The QB isn’t the only one who needs to know how to pass


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No matter their skill level, or their role on the field, every young flag football player should know how to pass and throw the ball. These 10 youth flag football drills from MOJO will help kids develop their passing and throwing accuracy, as well as basic coordination and teamwork.

Drop in the Bucket
This competitive activity helps players develop their arm strength and throwing accuracy.

Tic Tac Throw
Players develop throwing accuracy in this twist on a classic.

Aim for greatness and throw with accuracy in this progressive passing challenge.

Football Tennis
Game, set, match! Players learn to throw with accuracy and read the field in this fun game that combines 2 of our favorite sports.

Ultimate Football
Ultimate Frisbee meets flag football in this fast-paced throwing and catching game.

Robin Hood
Bullseye! Players work on their throwing technique and target practice in this group activity that also refines their accuracy.

The Floor Is Lava
A fiery favorite gets a flag football spin in this activity that teaches players to throw with accuracy. 

The Wrong Foot
In this game, players learn to throw the right way by practicing the wrong way.

Spider Web
This game is perfect for itsy bitsy players working on basic throwing and catching skills. 

Easy Ups
To make the catch, just lean back! In this fun route-running activity, players practice catching and throwing balls along the sideline.


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| 12 min watch

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