Dribbling: Small Touches vs. Big Touches

Know when to use a little more oomph


| 1 min watch

We love going big. But on the field, it’s important to know when to use small touches on the ball and when to use a little more oomph

Small touches are for when you’re close to an opponent — or in a tight area — and you need to keep the ball under control to maintain possession or change direction. Bigger touches are for when you have more space, or want to cover ground quickly and get away from an opponent.

For small touches, imagine a hula hoop around the body. The ball should stay within that hoop. Big touches can go much further, especially if you’ve got space. 

You can dribble with any part of the foot — inside of the foot, laces or outside of the foot — whatever’s comfortable and helps you get there.

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