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MOJO is magic — that’s the dictionary definition. For us, it’s the magic of youth sports — that 10-year window of time when kids play, adults cheer and lifelong memories are made. 

It’s also the practical magic of making it easy to coach, be part of a team and never miss a moment.

MOJO knows that youth sports can be a lot. We know that coaches don’t get much support. We know that parents already have a lot on their plates. And we know that kids just wanna have fun. 

The MOJO app is here to help with all of that. 

What MOJO is (and isn’t)

With the MOJO app, coaches can run a great practice and manage the whole season from the palm of their hand. Parents can easily stay organized and involved. Kids have fun and return, season after season.

The magic of MOJO is that it makes each aspect of youth sports easy and fun.

  • Custom practice plans are expert-designed, age-appropriate and fun.
  • Team management and communication is a breeze for parents and coaches alike
  • Player Cards make kids the hero of their season — and rewards them for playing the sport they love
  • The FanZone makes it easy to keep score, live stream and capture highlights all season long
  • Timelines make sure you never miss a highlight, from the first practice to the finals.
  • And Player Profiles that make it easy for family and fans far and wide to go all in this season, watching live, keeping score, seeing the latest Player Card creations and being part of every steal, assist, block, bucket, touchdown or goal on the Timeline. Best of all, Profiles allow loved ones to follow along from any device — without even having to install an app.

MOJO is not, however, a peak performance app. We do not guarantee wins or college scholarships. But when you use MOJO to the fullest, we do guarantee an unforgettable season. 

Where MOJO gets its MOJO

MOJO gets its MOJO from some seriously impressive technologists, seasoned coaches and award-winning storytellers — plus the on-the-field experience of volunteer parent-coaches who know what it’s like to be stared down by a group of second grade players.

World-class partners—including Major League Soccer, FC Barcelona, Jr. NBA, Major League Baseball and NFL FLAG—power our player-centered curriculum. Coaches and kids are getting the best of the best at every practice.

And parents just like you power it all—coaching, cheering, and recording every moment. 

Go ahead, get your MOJO on

Anyone who’s ever played youth sports knows one thing: Each season has its own story. Highs. Lows. Wins. Losses. Friendships. Highlights. 

Download MOJO to make that season truly unforgettable.

  • Sign up.
  • Create a Profile — and get to know everyone on the team.
  • Create a Player Card — so your player gets rewarded every time they play.
  • Join the FanZonelive stream, share and save all the highlights from games, practices and more.
  • Save it all on their Timeline — and make this season one to remember. 
  • Share their MOJO Player Profile with the world.

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