How to Juggle With Your Head

Get your head in the game with this maneuver


| 1 min watch

It’s time to use your head — literally.

Not to be confused with heading the ball, juggling with your head is a bit different, but it does acclimate players old enough for heading (11 and up) to the proper position to make contact with the ball.

Here’s how it’s done: Players should start by looking upward, to return a soft toss by moving up and forward to make contact between the middle and top of the forehead, moving the neck as little as possible. Imagine a seal bobbing a beach ball up and down, not back and forth.

After a few successful taps — checking for position and accuracy — encourage them to try two bounces. Remember: these are gentle touches, like a seal, not a ram.

Now try to increase juggles. As players get more comfortable, they’ll also acclimate to keeping their eyes open when they make contact, that’s important, too.

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