Shooting with the Laces and the Inside of Foot

Give it your best shot!


| 1 min watch

To give it your best shot, you’ll have to pick the right one!

We all want to score goals, but different situations call for different shots. Let’s look at two common ones: The instep — or “laces”— shot, and shooting with the inside of the foot.

The instep shot is often the most powerful option, and it’s what you want to use for long-distance shooting or to give the ball speed. A clean strike with the laces can produce a line drive with minimum curve and, with luck, a goal!

Another option? Using the inside of the foot. What this shot lacks in power and speed, it makes up for in accuracy because there is a bigger surface area to connect with the ball. This option is better when you’re closer to the goal and a simple pass is all it takes.

It may be less exciting than the instep shot, but a goal is a goal — no matter how big or small.

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