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Whether it’s your first season with MOJO, or your fifth, a lot has changed in 2023. One thing that hasn’t? MOJO is here to make your season unforgettable — whether you’re a coach, parent or player.

With our latest updates, the MOJO app makes it easier than ever to coach, manage and never miss a moment.

Here’s how.


Fun, high-energy practices. Expert-backed games, activities and practice plans. Easy to use, intuitive technology. The MOJO app is packed with more than 1,400 games, practice plans, how-tos and more across youth soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football and softball, all backed by world-class partners like the MLS, MLB, NFL, NBA and even FC Barcelona. Some enterprising coaches are even using MOJO games to power hockey practice.

And for parents who want to boost development at home, MOJO helps you coach your kid like a pro — with MOJO+.


MOJO makes it incredibly easy to be part of the team. Scheduling is a snap. Planning happens just like that. Chat is in one central place, so parents know exactly what’s happening with the team, instead of digging through a sea of emails and texts. Easy-to-use team management tools and seamless communication make MOJO the go-to hub for the entire season.

Never miss a moment.

With MOJO’s latest suite of premium tools, you have everything you need for an unforgettable season.

Here’s how:

Upgrade to MOJO+ 

To unlock the full MOJO experience, upgrade to MOJO+. Think: Unlimited at-home training from our world-class partners. Exclusive player card benefits. Unlimited media management in the FanZone. A timeline to capture every moment, and a MOJO Player Profile to share with the world.

It’s all part of the new MOJO — the ultimate all-in-one youth sports app, for coaches, parents and players alike.

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