10 Best Basketball Defense Drills for Kids

Defense doesn’t come easy!


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With youth basketball, a little effort on defense goes a long way. These 10 games help developing players learn the fundamentals of defense, including the proper positioning.

Pac Man
This activity puts an arcade-themed twist on tag and teaches players about the different lines on the court. 

Champions & Challengers
This activity helps players learn to defend as a team by rewarding effective stops. 

Criss Cross
X marks the spot! Work on communication and defending as a team in this fast-paced scrimmage.  

Team Dribble Knockout
Let’s get ready to rumble! This activity helps players develop shielding and ball possession skills.

Team Shield Steal
Stronger together! This activity helps players develop shielding and ball possession skills.

Meep meep! This fast-paced tag game helps players develop dribbling and coordination skills. 

Closing Time
This activity puts defenders up close and personal with ball handlers as they develop closeout skills. 

Alley Hoops
It’s a basketball obstacle course! This dynamic activity develops both offensive and defensive skills. 

Teach offensive players to find and penetrate gaps in the defense, while encouraging teamwork among defenders.

Dribble Knockout
Players learn how to protect the ball in an epic game of dribble knockout.

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