10 Best Basketball Drills for 10-Year-Olds

No one’s having more fun than these 10-year-old basketball players


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By age 10, kids who have been playing youth basketball for a season or two have developed a set of basic skills, like dribbling, passing and shooting the ball. But there’s always room to take it to the next level. 

These 10 great drills give kids plenty of opportunity to work on their offense, defense and ball-handling skills in the context of really fun games.

Scoring Duos
It takes 2 to score in this shooting drill that teaches 2-player offensive moves. 

Dribble Knockout
Players learn how to protect the ball in an epic game of knockout.

Take ‘em out to the ballgame! This game combines two of our favorite sports.

Pac Man
This activity puts an arcade-themed twist on tag and teaches players about the different lines on the court. 

2 on 1
Players practice playing with and without an advantage in this game.

Flying Numbers
This fun activity alternates between 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, and 5 on 5 opportunities for players.

Cross the River
Row, row, row your boat. Make it from one end of the court to the other without losing possession in this head-to-head activity. 

Team Shield Steal
Stronger together! This activity helps players develop shielding and ball possession skills.

Frequent Flyers
Grab your passports! Players work on shooting skills in this globetrotting activity. 

Half-Court 2 on 2
Ready. Set. Attack! Set up in half-court and help them develop good offensive attack strategies.

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