10 Best Basketball Drills for 12-Year-Olds

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By age 12, it’s starting to look like real basketball on the court. But that doesn’t mean older players need to leave all the fun and games behind.

These 10 youth basketball drills help players hone shooting and ball handling skills, play defense and offense, and encourage individuals to play as one, which is the whole point of team sports. 

7 Spot Shooting
Seven’s the lucky number in this activity where players shoot from important areas of the court. 

Alley Hoops
It’s a basketball obstacle course! This dynamic activity develops both offensive and defensive skills. 

Stunt Drivers
Lights, camera, dribble! This activity teaches players to handle the ball with style and speed. 

Switch Up
It’s a two-fer! Players go from offense to defense and back again in an activity that develops both sides of basketball. 

Good Shot, Great Shot
There are good shots and there are great shots. Teach players the difference in this fun team-building activity. 

Quick Draw
Think fast! Players learn to react quickly and make clutch shots in this high-energy activity. 

Surprise Party
Shhh, it’s a surprise! Give the offense an advantage and keep defenders on their toes in this fun small-sided game.

Rebound Relay
Hope you like house chores, because we’re cleaning the glass. How fast can your players grab a rebound?

Staying Power
It’s game time! Put all the fundamentals to work in this fun and fast take on pick-up. 

Tic Tac Toe
It’s time to focus on the Xs and Os. Scrimmage meets scribbles in this small-sided game. 

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