10 Best Beginner Soccer Drills to Improve Footwork

Footwork is fundamental, folks!


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With beginning players, the key to improving soccer footwork is to make it fun — and to leverage the kinds of games they already know and love. Red Light, Green Light and variations on tag that involve a soccer ball help developing players learn how to dribble, control the ball, speed up, slow down and turn on a dime.

These 10 fun footwork drills will help any young team develop fast feet.

Dinosaur Tag
Welcome to Jurassic…Tag? This dribbling activity puts an emphasis on speed and changing direction. With dinosaurs.

Red Light, Green Light
Build players’ muscle memory by pairing quick stops and explosive speed in this schoolyard favorite.

Wreck-It Ralph
It’s good to be bad in this activity. Players learn to avoid an attacker and practice dribbling and scoring.

101 Dalmatians
Rescue some pups with a clever activity that develops shielding skills and the ability to find open space.

Gates Dribbling
This dribbling game helps with speed dribbling and turning direction with the ball.

Duck Tails
Watch your tail! This dribbling activity teaches players to keep their heads up and explode out of dangerous situations.

The Octopus
Players learn to change speed, stay on their feet, and control their bodies, while avoiding a giant octopus — you!

Island Hopping
Pirates ahead! This activity helps players learn to get away from an attacker by finding open space to take the ball to.

Shadow Dribbling
This activity helps players develop the ability to react quickly to other players’ movements. Copy that.

Moving Goal
Eye on the prize, kids. This striking and dribbling activity teaches players to keep their heads up and score.

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