10 Best Flag Football Drills for 10-Year-Olds

Super fun drills that help develop well-rounded players


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By age 10, many flag football players are big enough, coordinated enough and mature enough to play the game with some real skill and style. They’re still developing, though. So, at practice, boys and girls alike benefit from a wide range of running drills, catching drills, receiving drills, as well as flag pulling and throwing the ball. 

These 10 high-energy youth flag football drills help kids develop into well-rounded players — and make practice go by in a flash.

Robin Hood
Bullseye! Players work on their throwing technique and target practice in this group activity that also refines their accuracy.

Tic Tac Toe
An age-old game gets a twist in this activity that promotes field awareness and decision-making.

Center Snap Relay
Players learn to snap accurately and beat the clock in this action-packed race. 

The Handoff
Help players develop chemistry with this activity that helps them refine the most basic movement of any successful running play.

Trust Catch
Players work on their reaction time and catching in this fun activity.

Volcanoes & Ice Cream Cones
Players will flip for this timed sprint that helps players develop teamwork skills.

Open Wheel Shuffle
Get ready to shuffle! Players develop their interception skills, speed and agility in this fun game.

The Wrong Foot
In this game, players learn to throw the right way by practicing the wrong way.

Bull Rush
Players use bursts of speed to avoid defenders in this fun twist on Red Rover.

Keep Away
Players learn to intercept the ball in this take on a schoolyard classic. 


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10 Best Flag Football Drills for Kids


| 12 min watch

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