10 Fun U12 Flag Football Drills

Some kids have all the luck


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U12 players have all the fun. Once they have a few fundamentals under their belts (so to speak), flag football players at this age can flex their skills in high-energy, competitive, game-like situations. These 10 fantastic youth flag football drills give offensive players and defensive players the opportunity to show off all they’ve learned.

Flag Attack
Grab as many flags as you can in this fast-paced evasive running game. 

Ultimate Football
Ultimate Frisbee meets flag football in this fast-paced throwing and catching game.

Are you feeling lucky? Find out in this fun receiving activity that lets you score points with every catch. 

The Tollbooth
Players try to avoid having their flags pulled and paying the toll in this fast-paced defensive activity.

Crazy Corral
Yee-haw! Players work on defending as a team in this fast-paced swarming activity.

Players learn how to set and execute a strategy to loot enemy territory for treasure in this team activity.

Rush Hour
The pressure is on in this defensive game that turns runners into rushers.

Cross the River
Row, row, row your boat. Defenders practice flag pulling in this evasive running activity. 

Head On
Incoming! Players learn to attack the ball and work on their receiving skills in this activity.

Aim for greatness and throw with accuracy in this progressive passing challenge.

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