10 Best U10 Soccer Drills

At this age, it’s finally starting to look like real soccer


| 16 min watch

Teamwork is at the heart of these U10 soccer drills. This video features fun, high-energy activities that develop essential soccer skills — like dribbling, passing, shooting, shielding, team attacking and team defending

For the full activities, check out:

Team Ball Tag
New favorite, right here! This activity focuses on dribbling, passing, and team building strategy (and players love it!).

Capture the Balls
It’s Capture the Flag – soccer-style. Build teamwork, strategic thinking and multiple ball skills with this throwback.

Clean Your Backyard
The neighbors have noticed! This activity helps players build teamwork and distance shooting skills.

4 vs. 2 Keep-Away
Shielding, passing and dribbling are developed while players learn how to support each other.

2 vs. 2 to Endlines (Attacking)
Focus on the forward attack. Players work on dribbling, passing and ball control to score in this activity.

2 vs. 2 to Endlines (Defending)
All about that defense! This time, coach your players on how to defend in a small-format activity.

Flying Numbers
This fun activity alternates between 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4 opportunities for players.

3 vs. 2 to Goal
There’s strength in numbers. Teach players how to use an extra attacker to get around defenders and score.

2 vs. 2 to Small Goals (Attacking)
Ready. Set. Attack! Set up small goals and help them develop good offensive attack strategies.

2 vs. 2 to Small Goals (Defending)
Hold the door! Set up small goals and focus on defensive skills and strategy in this small-sided activity.


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The 10 Best Soccer Drills


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